Rickard Sandberg
General manager


As CEO CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Richard is passionate about biodiversity on land and in the sea, clean and fresh air, clean water and to limit climate impact. To involve these aspects early in the policy, planning, the local society, in food handling, in our awareness etc is important. Biological diversity gives us joy, happiness, inspiration, food, energy and optimism. CLENA have the tools, knowledge and enthusiasm to pursue these important aspects. I’m working right now with a mission to the Region of South Sweden as an Lead environmental manager for the new hospital. Also including biodiversity, a diversity which contribute to a healing environment, important environment for patients, staff and the residents of Malmö.
In the past I have 30 years experience of working with environmental and nature issues for municipalities, county councils, industries, transport companies and consultants. With education, to develop structures and measures to integrate issues in the different management systems.
I have great knowledge and experience in working with management systems, investigations, training, direct environmental actions, from biodiversity to cleaner water/air, reduce noise, increase nature awareness on all levels.
Bring a call, I will give you joy and tools for a Sustainable Future.

We love Nature. CLENA hugs nature, takes man in hand to together to create a sustainable future today and tomorrow. We want nature to take more place in our community building. With a healthy nature follows a healthy and happy man. Therefore, we believe that nature comes first, then social and economic sustainability.
With nature we mean biodiversity, both on land and in sea and lake, fresh air and clean water and, limiting the climate impact. With human beings, we work with social aspects such as security, joy, education, gender equality, cultural diversity, with economic sustainability such as combating poverty, building sustainable cities, infrastructure, sustainable consumption, in short, to economise our resources, but in no plane, it will endanger what we mean by nature, because then we are hitting away the bones of ours and the Earth’s existence. Major issues, where we have tools to be able to work both locally, regionally and globally, with measures that give effect in the short and long term, in a sustainable future
The company was founded in 2018. The Services tab presents CLENA possibilities, the tab Project the experience we have with us as we have now started up CLENA.
We are working close to Universities and Highschool to exchange knowledge and experience and to involve recent research in our projects.
We are constantly looking for new employees. Welcome with your application to us, se under ”Contact” for contact details.


Business policy to live up to our business concept, we have developed a business policy that permeates our laboratory. The company’s environment, work environment and quality policy are integrated into the operational policy, as we have an integrated quality, environmental and workenvironment system.

  1. We put nature first, then the social and economic aspects interplay with nature for a sustainable future. This view permeates our products and services.
  2. As a starting point for our work, the laws and requirements pertaining to our and customer’s laboratory are the same. We follow the latest research in environmental and sustainability issues and adapt our environmental and sustainability work with regard to new facts within the area.
  3. We minimize the influence of our own laboratory by continuously choosing the most natural sustainable alternative in terms of transport, emergency support and the products we buy in or use.
  4. We contribute to healthier nature through our knowledge and ways of working, as well as through grants and support for research and support to universities and interest groups.
  5. Our quality work aims to deliver our consultancy assignments to the agreed time and quality. We do this through a structured, documented and systematic approach.
  6. We believe that all people have equal value and strive to treat all people we fiasconi möter Tiden thereafter. We keep ourselves informed about the research and social debate on equality and diversity issues.
  7. We regularly review the company’s decision-making processes for these to result in equality and equality. It is not possible to certify itself under this system.
  8. We are constantly striving to improve the company’s routines and working methods your ecological, economic and social perspective.
  9. The ambition is to comply with the quality system ISO 9001:2015, the Environmental management system ISO 14001:2015 and the Working Environment system ISO 45001:2018, and our goal is to be certified according to these international standardization.