The urban communities

When the urban communities spread out, when nature gives way to infrastructure, buildings and parks, we lose touch with nature and what nature has given us and gives us today. More and more kids are growing up in town without getting the opportunity to pick sticks in the woods or catch salamanders in the pond. We get a generation do not understand why swallows are taking mosquitoes or have not seen the mass of water in the creek and examine the fish and mayflies that are there, we will probably have more difficult to understand why we must preserve the living creek as we grow older , even if someone says that clean water is an ecosystem service that is worth $2 when it is tapped onto a plastic bottle. There is growing concern about the health consequences of the loss and change in biodiversity. The loss of biodiversity also means that we lose, before the discovery, many of nature’s chemicals and genes, of the kind that have already given mankind enormous health benefits. Dave Goulson “The Great Hops Trip” speaks warmly for biodiversity and rewildning of our cities.