Clean Natural Sustainable Future is CLENAs mantra, where man and nature are at the centre in everything we do and produce. CLENA works with priority, systematic and structured with Sustainable Future, where some sustainability aspects are not negotiable, but more a prerequisite for a sustainable future. This permeates our work and our model. When the vital aspects are set,
we can systematically start working with social and economic sustainability, for celan natural development.

We work innovatively and creatively, humbly and responsive with participation and commitment in focus. We work in close collaboration with universities and colleges. Respect for what nature gives and what it produces is an important attitude for us. Stretch your hand to nature, hug and work together for a sustainable future. A focus on the natural friendship and at the same time work on improving for mankind gives Sustainable Future. By our thinking and working methods, ecological, social and economic sustainability goes hand in hand. That’s a sustainable future for us. We are driven by everyone doing something, locally, regionally and globally, because together we can contribute to a sustainable future, In a CLENA way


CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE started early 2018. The purpose of the company is to let nature take more space in our work to build a sustainable future. By focusing and contributing to increased biodiversity on land, and under water surface, clean water and limit climate impact, we form the basis and conditions for working in social and ecological sustainability in the work for a clean and natural sustainable future. We also believe that people and nature must go hand in hand in order to succeed in a sustainable future. CLENA means CLean Nature a condition for a Sustainable Future.

CLENA works with the UN’s 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in focus and has a model that I built on these goals, a model which make it possible to design and build our communities, production of products and services, entrepreneurship, measures to improve environmental and sustainable so they can contribute to the SDG.

  • CLENA SF NATURE, Work to secure the Natural aspects that are Vital to Man, Nature and Earth’s Future; air, water, biodiversity, sea and ocean, climate
  • CLENA SF SOCIAL, security, joy, education, gender equality, cultural diversity, work environment etc.
  • CLENA SF ECONOMICAL works with things like combating poverty, building sustainable cities, infrastructure, sustainable consumption, in short, to economise resources.

In the NATURE field we can offer (local and regional)


  • SEIA and EIA and CLENA-IA for urban planning, industrial and infrastructure planning
  • Start and develop innovative CLENA projects with contributions from national and international. Focus entry, cooperation and participation.
  • Introduce a model for companies, public authorities, organisations to contribute to the 17 SDG objectives
  • Implement and maintain various management systems e.g. ISO 14001:2015
  • Audit Management and audits (based on requirements in SDG, ISO 14001:2015 etc)
  • Work out decision support (e.g. EIA, strategic EIA ELELR similar) to describe the impact of urban plans and measures on environmental and sustainable aspects and suggest measures to contribute to local, regional and the UN SDG goals.
  • Training and Coaching on SDG and CLENA model and its input parameters

Develop plans and action program to

Increase biodiversity on land and underwater

      • Increase biodiversity locally and regionally
      • Give nature conditions to contribute to our health and quality of life
      • Reduce the eradication and eradication rate of plant and animal species
      • Reduce the need for chemicals and other pesticides, more work natural methods to minimize the impact on crops and more create conditions for a non-toxic nature with less poison and drugs in food.

Clean water and sanitation

      • Ensure water resources
      • Purification of water for drinking water
      • Sanitary Sewer Purification
      • Households with water

Limit climate impact

      • Working with non-fossil and natural fuels
      • Energy efficient use
      • Sustainable consumption
      • Sustainable waste management

For Human and Nature’s health

  • Healthier Air
  • Reduce noise and increase the number of surfaces with sound from natural sources
  • Better recreation Opportunities
  • Safer and more secure environments
  • Increase nature’s features in urban environments
  • Management of resources (waste disposal, drinking water).


Project management, design, implementation, follow-up, audits and control of actions developed in the action program described above

Collaboration, participation, engagement, responsiveness, and work on a target and results oriented way are some of the hallmarks of how we work in assignments and projects.