Climate change, extreme weather, urbanization

Climate change, extreme weather, urbanization, our consumption of goods and services put together hard pressure and stress on nature’s flora & fauna as more and more gets backed for human activity. But biodiversity – nature – as well as limiting climate impact is a precondition for our survival and sustainable future. Everything is connected, so it’s important to see the entirety before the details, ie when we speak climate or actions like solar cells wind power, biodiversity, clean air and water must be there too in our planning and building a sustainable future, a future for man, wildlife and flora of our lovely planet. ”Biodiversity provides numerous ecosystem services that are crucial to human well-being at present and in the future. Climate is an integral part of ecosystem functioning and human health is impacted directly and indirectly by results of climatic conditions upon terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Marine biodiversity is affected by ocean acidification related to levels of carbon in the atmosphere. Terrestrial biodiversity is influenced by climate variability, such as extreme weather events (ie drought, flooding) that directly influence ecosystem health and the productivity and availability of ecosystem goods and services for human use. Longer term changes in climate affect the viability and health of ecosystems, influencing shifts in the distribution of plants, pathogens, animals, and even human settlements” (WHO).