UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The climate objective supports poverty eradication and sustainable development and can provide positive synergies and conditions to meet many of the challenges facing the world today such as food security, clean water, sustainable use of Natural resources and ecosystems, human security, gender equality, health and economic growth. The need for adaptation to current and future climate change is particularly important for the least developed countries and for the most vulnerable population groups. Measures are needed to reduce the risks and consequences of natural disasters. A large proportion of the increased greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere comes from the way we extract, transform and use fossil energy. As a result of the increased emissions, we risk moving towards an average global warming in excess of two degrees Celsius, which would have serious consequences for ecosystems, ocean acidification, human safety, food production, water supply, health and Increased risk of weather natural disasters. But in the northern hemisphere, we are already there and a few degrees above the two-degree goal. Climate impact must be limited to create the conditions for poverty eradication and long-term sustainable development. CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE has the tools and measurement to limit Climate Impact.

Cleane air

Clena air

Air. To breathe in fresh air is largely a shortage today. CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE can help in the short and long term to get a healthier air, in a proper and sustainable manner. Put man and nature at the center. Become friends and we will have a happier future. CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE makes a difference, a Sustainable and Happy Future!

Cleane land

Clena land

At a time when fragmentation, asphalt, plastic products and looking for rare metal products, concrete areas, green parkoases, synthetic foods etc seems to be reality, really biodiversity at sea and on land as well as clean water and limited climate impact, need to take place at first! CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE had the information, tools, solutions local and regional to ensure sustainable development in action.

Clean water and sanitation

Clena water and sanitation

Water is a prerequisite for all things living on earth, and thus also a precondition for sustainable development. A very high proportion of individuals living in poverty lack access to clean water and basic sanitation. Water is also a prerequisite for world food production and energy production, and thus lack of water can be the cause of conflict. The effects of climate change appear early and clearly in changing water supply. Restoration of the waterholding capacity of ecosystems is a necessary adjustment effort. CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE has the tools and measurements.